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Buy equipment for backcountry/cross skiing online from specialists

backcountry skiing online shop / cross skiing sport | Presse-Meldung der Firma: Condition Steigenberger, Aschau | 03.01.2017

Visit the experts: The online backcountry/cross skiing shop Steigenberger (Chiemgau/Bavaria) offers everything you can wish for if you are a fan of this extraordinary sport

  • Examples for specialized racing boots for cross skiing in the Steigenberger online store: Syborg and Stratos Cube (LA Sportiva) and the model Alien 1.0 (Scarpa) on the right. See more carbon ski mountaineering boots in the online shop.
  • The online product range of the shop encompasses a lot of equipment for backcountry skiing: GARA Aero World Cup Ski (#01, Skitrab), Alpattack (#02, Fischer) and Gold Fisch X Ski (#03, Movement). Or high-tech racing bindings: Dynafit Low TEC Race (#04), ATK Revolution (#05) and ATK RT (#06).
  • And also high-tech cross skiing outfits: Dynafit Radical 2P DST U Racing Suit (on the right), Dynafit PDG PL U Jacket. And the light weight: Dynafit Radical U Racing Suit (on the left).

Rosenheim/Bavaria Alien 1.0 by Scarpa or Stratos Cube and Syborg of the La Sportiva brand: the online store offers not only this this cross skiing racing boot or this carbon ski mountaineering boots, but almost everything on special equipment needed for cross/backcountry skiing. „We provide our clients with roughly 80 percent of all the products available on the market for cross skiing in our online shop“, says the owner Georg Steigenberger from the company with the same name which offers in Aschau, Chiemgau the complete range of online products in their physical shop.

We know exactly what products fans of cross skiing like, what ‘state of the art‘ is, as we have organized for many years the biggest cross skiing race in Germany.

A large product range of high-tech cross skiing equipment

The online product range of the specialized mountaineering sports shop encompasses racing ski, racing bindings, racing boots and racing clothing. „We have ten models of six different brands in our cross skiing racing range and six models of three different brands for racing bindings and boots.“ And of course all of this is extremely functional and above all high-tech – „because here every gram weight counts“. A big plus: „If you order for more than 100 Euro, we will not charge you for the shipping.“

The big plus: very much and longtime experience

Georg Steigenberger knows out of experience what fans of cross skiing need to practice this sport and which ones of the available cross skiing products in the market correspond to the requirements of the materials: „We know exactly what products fans of cross skiing/backcountry skiing like, what ‘state of the art‘ is, as we have organized for many years the biggest cross country ski race in Germany.“

He has a lot of experience, because he is a passionate cross skiing race sportsman. He participated in 2008 and 2010 not only at the „Sella Ronda“, but also at the worldwide biggest contest in cross skiing: namely at the „Patrouille des Clacier“ from Zermatt to Verbier. In brief: Georg Steigenberger has done cross/backcountry skiing from the very beginning of this sport, as it started ten years ago. And this is exactly what clients can benefit of as they get good products and useful advice.