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German tax return for expats in English

german tax advice from expats intertax-consult, raubling | 28.12.2021

Professional assistance to sort out one´s german tax situation? Intertax-consult, a tax accountant company certified on international taxation, helps to file tax returns

  • International tax consultant Martin Gundermann: “To make our clients feel save tax vise is really important for us.”
  • The experts from intertax-consult offer professional and friendly help for filing income tax returns.

Bavaria/Rosenheim - Expats coming to work and live in Germany face a lot of hassle. Once they have found a suitable job in Germany they have to relocate, meaning that they have to organize everything starting with the legal paperwork, the residence permit, the work permit and they have to get a German tax number. Very often a year goes by or even more until the expats think of the tax return. Maybe a friend filed for it recently and got a refund or maybe they are aware of the strict German tax laws and want to be tax compliant. Usually a refund is the result of a tax return and yet at times expats have to pay taxes back. When do they have to pay it, and to whom? How about freelancing? How can they get a VAT return?

We offer tax advice as conveniently as possible, literally in the clients own living room.

“Even for Germans the German tax system is one of the most complicated tax systems worldwide and it is really difficult to file a tax return. How much more difficult must it be for an expat?”, explains tax accountant Martin Gundermann from intertax-consult. He is a certified German tax accountant and a certified tax accountant on international taxation. His company focuses its tax advisory services on expats (or former expats) having to deal with the German tax system. Intertax-consult provides tax advice and assistance in preparing and filing income tax returns, preparing the bookkeeping, filing VAT returns, trade tax and corporate tax returns, preparing the annual financial statements and dealing with any other possible tax issue with the tax office.

As for freelancers, intertax-consult takes care of their special needs and makes sure they are fully tax compliant at all times. The company prepares all needed forms to start as freelancer, explains them their tax obligations and ensures that their invoices comply with the VAT regulations. This is almost always a point of concern to the tax office and a major point of discussions with them in case of a tax audit, usually years later.

The aim of intertax-consult is to deliver a clear result to its clients and help them understand the reasons for the results in their tax returns. Martin Gundermann: “We offer tax advice as conveniently as possible, literally in the clients own living room.” That means, he add, “via phone, email or Skype”. Provided with a Power of Attorney the company takes care of all communication with the tax office, just to make the life of its clients so much easier.


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